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Memorable Attractions in Lanzarote

Timanfaya National Park Timanfaya National Park is 51sq kilometers of scenery and volcanic earth. When you come here the sights that you’ll see in the park make you feel just like you’re on another world, this location is unforgettable. Visiting the park can be an knowledge by itself. You’re entrusting your lifetime using the motorists that understand these very thin single-track roads such as the straight back of their hands as you board the busses that take you around. They incorporate you around craters up slopes and take you to a few of the most useful opinions the park provides.
Meals Cooked by Volcanic Heat One of the most ‘need to be there to think it’ occasions in Lanzarote occurs at one of ultimate stopping points on the coach tours, an end off at the Restaurant el Diablo. Before going in to the restaurant the guides prefer to convince you this is an active volcano. You will find 3 ways they do that. There’s an all natural cavity in the floor that falls a reasonable way; the first experiment you see is the manual placing some straw in to the cavity. After what is like a few moments the hay becomes to fires, all of this with the natural heat that’s there only a few feet below us. In the next test you visit a tube in the floor again it just falls several feet. After 3 seconds the water and water launches out in a heater like style, In to this they put some water.
For the ultimate technique you enter the cafe past an enormous gap in the ground that’s been transformed to a stove, the normal warmth that rises is hot enough to prepare the restaurants food. You’re permitted to try looking in and you may have the warmth of what’s under. You’ve to go rapidly in this room because they have mounted steel floors, this causes it to be all seem very slippy once the entire time the bottoms of one’s shoes are slowly melting. Then you definitely finally take a seat to your set menu while viewing the sun set over the view of the lava fields. That all contributes to an extremely remarkable experience that only likely to Gran Hotel Lanzarote can provide for you.
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