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I am proud to present my new Demo Reel after a couple of months of lost sleep, re-renderings and re-timings. I could probably have went on refining for a few more weeks, being the anal retentive perfectionist I am about my artworks. But alas, the first part has arrived on the world wide web.

The .flv has some compression artifacts I am not too happy about but I have to live with the bandwidth versus quality issue. The H.264 has great compression with no discernible artifacts, but is three times larger than this .flv file. If you want a copy of the 1280×720 H.264 version and I will get a CD to you or offer a download.

Recent Works

I have been doing a number of Flash sites recently. http://yellowcry.com has been a project I was required to use my AfterEffects and 3D skills with to create a trailer for prior to any cast members chosen or footage shot. It can e seen as the opener in the site above. The concept has been picked up and a movie is being made as a pilot for the broadcast series. I created the poster as well and will do the movie site once the roles actors have been solidified. I went with a very stark and symbolic thematic, inherent to the greatest movie posters of all time..Keep it simple and symbolic.

I will be adding other recent works to this section shortly but want to get this Demo Reel up ASAP:)

Consolidation Under One Hood

Welcome to my revamped site. I have consolidated many portfolios, archives and sites under one roof to make it easier to dig through, for both human and webbots alike. I was born Randy Lee Blain in Toronto, Canada and have been an artist and performer since I can remember. I would take out books on Da Vinci and Michaelangelo at age five and try to copy their works and by ten had full sets of Famous Monsters of Filmland, all the main old Marvel titles like The Hulk, Fantastic Four, Spiderman etc.. This led me in high school by my English teacher to get a whole semester off and go downtown to Penguin Books and act as their Junior Science Fiction Editor under the tutelage of her husband, who was Editor-In Chief or similar nigshot at the Toronto branch.

latest Render of my concept car, the H2OGT, a water powered internal combustion engine muscle car harkening bck to the late 50 with a body line flow suggestive of a wave of flowing water.

I have been involved with computers, hardware, artworks, and music for over 30 years and my career has spanned diverse ground as a business owner, freelancer., Executive Officer and contract worker. I have worked in the television, theatre, music production, stage and film acting, 3D product design, rapid prototyping, billboards, special fx, antique architectural restoration, architectural design and custom, installs, stage light plotting, storyboarding and international commodities brokering, etc. The list goes on. It surprises me I often know more about the bits and bytes of a given profession than those involved daily with it. Simple things like pixel aspect ratios, compositing 3D onto video or film, Flash animations or ActionScript event handling.

I currently do alot of Flash development involving websites, custom class creation, games and similar widgetry. There are many examples in the Sites Folio. In conjunction with this I am putting together all of my 3D and AfterEffects experiments into a showreel, though you can find clips of some of the shots in the Animations section. I have been developing a Digital Stunt Doubles pipeline and have the ability to create crowds of people, digital stunt doubles of actors for compositing into film and video, or game characters in literally hours. Examples of the morphology changes possible using a single mesh can be found in the 3D Modeling section. These will be fully rigged with switchable FK/IK, constrained and properly weighted to deform correctly under extremes and have morphable textures to transition between skin types, features and eye colors. I am also working on a parametric clothing system where I can clothe a number of characters in diverse outfits rapidly as well as a rapid deployment hairstyling and creation system..

My line up of digital stunt doubles awaiting texturing, hair clothes and rigging so they can be employed gainfully instead of hanging around eatnt bits and bytes on my HD.

These characters were created in the course of a few hours in Cinema 4D using a base mesh. Any combination of characters can be morphed to rapidly create crowds of ethnic folks,. military, families with similar characteristics. Each state in the morphs can be extracted and added to the library which allows further possibilities. With a good selection of extremes of body types and typical variations on the norm of any given group rapid prototyping of groups of humanoids can be achieved easily. As well, a process of aging can be rapidly modeled using two extremes of age, morphing between the two in as many steps as need to be depicted and the mesh, texturing, hair and rigging can be extracted.

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